Earth 3D - Customize Your Name
Earth 3D - Customize Your Name
Earth 3D - Customize Your Name

Earth 3D - Customize Your Name

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1. Choose your alphabet characters numerically separating each character by a comma (See alphabet chart in the photos). 2. Include the name in English so we can cross-check the spelling. (EXAMPLE: 1, 32, 35, 1 - ARPA)

Say hello to our Earth personalized name art in our 3D letters. This amazing custom art is designed by Arpa from Arpa and Ryan and packaged, shipped & handled by her husband Ryan (he also gives the final "It looks perfect" approval). This piece is a perfect gift for the new baby in your life and something that the baby and parents will treasure forever! Fair warning, this gift will probably make you the favorite aunt and uncle. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Product Details
Print Size: 11 x 8.5 inches
Print can be ordered in English or Armenian (Please read the instructions)


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